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Hey Camp Potomac Woods
If you're in Yahoo Group of Camp Potomac Woods 2007, what is your E-mail address and your screen name? Here is my Yahoo E-mail address and my Yahoo screen name =
Yahoo E-mail address: cpw07sunshine@yahoo.com
Yahoo screen name: cpw07sunshine
Love, Sunshine

Hey Camp Potomac Woods
I am coming back to camp on June 10. I very excited to be at camp again and everything is back to normal! I will start packing and doing countdown days. Starting on Memorial Day, I will start to play "Poppit" computer game, doing the Jenks Family, and making necklaces for everyone at camp. Who is coming back to camp this summer? And you, Buttons = You are too coming back to camp this summer and I really meant it. I will be very upset if you don't come back to camp this summer. Don't make me upset, you're not Kitt Katt! There is a mystery: How does Kitt Katt moved to Now York even if I was spying on Kitt Katt?
Love, Sunshine!

Hey Camp Potomac Woods:

Welcome to our Communities in Home of Camp Potomac Woods! Please come join us in Home of Camp Potomac Woods. Please step right up and tell me all about Camp Potomac Woods.

Love, Sunshine